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The reasons for successful use of offshore tools in modern business are sufficient. However, in the context of the international financial crisis, which has not bypassed the Russian Federation, it is worth paying attention to such an aspect as an exorbitant increase in the tax burden on companies in all spheres of the economy and finalizing the personal responsibility of directors, founders, shareholders and other authorized persons for the debts of their companies .

Thus, the year 2017 brought absolutely new conditions for the business activities of Russian entrepreneurs. Often, the amendments made to the existing laws may be catastrophic for business. It is enough to understand the changes brought by 401-FZ, to sub-point 2 of point 2 of Article 45 of the Tax Code (on linking a businessman’s personal pocket to non-payment of taxes for his firm), and 266-FZ introduced amendments to the bankruptcy law (127-FZ) and a new article 61.10 determining the responsibility of the controlling debtor. It is possible to bring new numbers of laws and articles for a very long time, since our President signed more than 300 new laws and amendments to the old ones only in 2107, which toughen in some form or another the responsibility of business for the conducted economic activity. The question is, what to do-how to be-how to save your acquired property?

Our company of narrow specialists in corporate international law has adequate proven tax planning schemes to meet the challenges of today and what is especially important is the answer to the question — How to avoid subsidiary liability in the current economic situation in Russia. Practical consultations in the field of asset protection, including the use of various foreign structures, including funds, trusts and other international corporate tools conducted by our experts will give you the opportunity to choose the right vector of application of your efforts to protect your business and assets.

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It is quite usual situation when convenient in all respects offshore jurisdiction was yesterday, and today it is completely different — quite inconvenient. The facilities and benefits of a particular offshore jurisdiction of yesterday may materially change or disappear altogether at the current date. The reason for this kind of revolutionary change is the changing international legal practice. A global organization such as the OECD adopted a model agreement a few years ago, which sparked a number of important specific international agreements and changes to the requirements of companies in various offshore jurisdictions. Requirements especially for disclosure of information on offshore beneficiaries have increased dramatically and many countries, especially European ones, have succeeded in automatic exchange of tax information in 2017. And a lot of things have changed.

We certainly recommend that you respect the visitor of our site personally to try to understand the essence of the proposed product, but we can confidently say that it is impossible to understand the intricacies offered for the sale of offshore companies without the professionals .

We constantly monitor all the ongoing changes in the world offshore market and the applicable national legislation, therefore we offer our clients only the offshore checked for all the desired indicators, to the client’s needs and will certainly bring him obvious advantages.

Choose in your opinion an acceptable foreign company from the jurisdictions offered on the site, write, call and we will help you in the individual choice of foreign offshore tools.

Choose in your opinion an acceptable for you foreign company from the jurisdictions offered on the site, write, call and we will help you in the individual choice of foreign offshore tools.

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